Friendly for everyone.

Join us for a weekend of trails to raise funds for Friendly Opportunities Limited

Rallye fee is $300.00

Includes standard camp area.

We invite you to donate to Friendly Opportunities Limited as part of your sign on.

Welcome to the Adventure Rallye - Coffs/Clarence

Thanks for your support in this great fundraising event. The beneficiary of this event is Friendly Opportunities LTD. You can read more about them here.


  • SIGN ON & REGISTRATION : 1pm to 6pm Friday 23rd July 2021.
  • Scheduled Saturday 24th July ride 8am - 4pm (or upon return to venue)
  • Scheduled Sunday 25th July ride 8am - 3pm (or upon return to venue)
  • On both Friday and Saturday nights there will be music, food, camping, fires.

What’s included...

  • 2 Days, adventure riding through the beautiful Coffs Clarence areas
  • Lead Riders, Course Markers & GPS Files
  • Camp Support
  • Medic Support
  • Backup Vehicle & Sweep Support
  • Dinner available for purchase each night
  • Goody bag
  • A bloody good time on and off the bike!

Must have . . .

  • Adventure Motorcycle, road registered
  • Full open motorcycle license
  • Knobby Tyres & Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes fitted
  • GPS navigation capabilities
  • Minimum 250km Fuel Range

Please tell us about yourself

Gender (optional)
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Do you hold a current Full Motorbike Licence issued by one of the Australian States?
Yes No If 'No', you are unable to attend this event.

Do you have Ambulance cover?
Yes No It is the rider's responsibility to have current ambulance coverage to ride the event. You will be asked to provide a copy of proof of ambulance cover before the event. Please if you are from another state please confirm with your provider that you are covered for your time in NSW.

Your bike - Please tell us about the bike you will be riding.

Insurance - Please tell us about the insurance you have on your bike
Type of cover
Comprehensive Third Party Property You will be asked to provide a copy of your certificate of currency.

Terms and conditions of entry - Have you read and agree to the event terms and conditions?
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I accept the terms
Yes No You must accept the terms and conditions to participate. By agreeing to the event terms and conditions as and event participant, you are doing so on behalf of any other person you bring to attend the event, and agree to familiarise the rest of your guests with the Terms and Conditions.

Medical information
Tell us if there is any medical conditions we should know about for you or your guests at the event

Medical Conditions
I have no medical conditions to declare to the organisers I wish to declare the following medical conditions:

Medical information
I acknowledge that the route this Event follows includes travelling through remote areas where medical or emergency support is limited, and response times may be lengthy. I acknowledge that I have notified the Event Provider of any known medical or other conditions that are pertinent to me and that I am otherwise medically and physically fit and able to participate in the Event.
I agree

Camp site selection
The best camp areas are available for an additional fee. We also have the option to provide a basic camp set up for you. This will include bedding and a tent.

Standard camping site Premium camping site (additional fee applies) I need a camp with bedding and tent supplied (Additional fee applies)
Optional donation
We invite you to donate to Friendly Opportunities Limited as part of your sign on.


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